Pop art icons pictures cult(ure) for living room & office, business digital art on canvas or as "cozy, worldly art blanket"

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Dimension: CANVAS UP TO 8"x12"

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Pop Art Portrait |o1- Digital Art on Canvas, XXL LoftArt high-quality textile print or in the version "cozy, worldly art blanket".

Karl Paul August Friedrich Liebknecht (1871 –1919) was a prominent German socialist and anti-militarist. A member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) beginning in 1900, he was one of its deputies in the Reichstag from 1912 to 1916, where he represented the left-revolutionary wing of the party. In 1916 he was expelled from the SPD's parliamentary group for his opposition to the political truce between all parties in the Reichstag while the war lasted. He twice spent time in prison, first for writing an anti-militarism pamphlet in 1907 and then for his role in a 1916 antiwar demonstration. He was released from the second under a general amnesty three weeks before the end of the First World War.
During the November Revolution that broke out across Germany in the final days of the war, Liebknecht proclaimed Germany a "Free Socialist Republic" from the Berlin Palace on November 9, 1918. On November 11, together with Rosa Luxemburg and others he founded the Spartacist league. In December, his call to make Germany a Soviet republic was rejected by the majority of the Reich Congress of Workers' and Soldiers' Councils (German: Reichsrätekongress). At the end of 1918 Liebknecht was one of the founders of the Communist Party of Germany. Shortly after the suppression of the Spartacist Uprising in which he played a leading role, he and Rosa Luxemburg were killed by members of the Guard Cavalry Rifle Division after they had consulted with Gustav Noske, who was a member of the Council of the People's Deputies, Germany's interim government, and had responsibility for military affairs. Although two of the men directly involved in the murders were prosecuted, no one responsible for ordering their deaths was ever brought to trial.
After their deaths, both Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg became martyrs for the socialist cause in Germany and throughout Europe. Commemoration of the two continues to play an important role among the German left to this day. *[w]

The textile prints of iconArt Gallery deal in an unusual way with popular icons of contemporary history from drama, film, theater, music, literature, art, politics, science, medicine and technology of the "Art Generation". The portraits are a loving tribute to the PopArt style of the 60's.

Statement portraits for home, business premises or ...

iconART edition
Art has a lot to do with emotion. Use iconART portraits for business space and reception design. Accessories for window dressing or store design. Interior and inspiration for a hotel or with other iconART art prints as a gallery in a cafe and for decorating a restaurant. Graphics on canvas for decorating cottages, lofts, apartments or decorations for apartments and guest rooms. XL statement portraits in office spaces. For beautification in administration or decoration in training rooms. Furnishings for residences, clinics or in medical offices, from foyers to patient rooms to common areas. These art prints inspire and give every visitor a touch of memories of an exciting time.

A special gift for parents / grandparents. Gifts for friends and co-workers, gift ideas for sister or brother. A special surprise for everyone!

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This is a high quality print of my original graphic, each portrait is custom made when ordered.

▹ The canvas image is mounted on a frame. The motif is drawn around the frame (without loss of motif) and attached to the back. The frame is not visible from the side due to this technique.
Unpack and hang on the wall! - or rolled from approx. 100 x 150 cm without frame -.

# ▹ NEW all iconArt motifs now also available in XXL format in the "LoftArt Edition" as a high-quality textile print with Velcro tape for attachment.

Likewise, the versions "sophisticated cuddly art blankets" and "stylish picture rug for the floor" are available with all iconArt motifs.
The handmade copies are each available in two sizes, which are optionally also suitable as wall hangings.

In addition, the music motifs are available as "RockVinyl-Edition" floor rugs in a round design with a diameter of ca 150 cm|59". The carpets are currently only available in Europe [EU]. The delivery time is naturally somewhat longer than for the canvas prints (up to 4 weeks) .#

▹ Small deviations in shape, color, size, material and technical changes compared to the images and descriptions are possible due to the individual production by hand. Due to different screens and illumination of the images, the color may vary slightly in reality.

▹ The watermark is for copyright protection - The images are of course delivered without watermark.

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iconArt statement portraits of the 60s / 70s / 80s idols and icons of pop culture from music, film, literature as well as historical figures.
Pop Art, in memory of rock musicians, rock stars and musicians of the blues, country, folk, funk, grunge, hard rock, heavy metal, jazz, new wave, pop, punk, rock, rock 'n' roll, voodoo rock and beat music. A journey through time!
A tribute to Hollywood and film legends, to movie stars, female Hollywood stars, actors, to cinema and auteur cinema. Gift ideas for movie fans, movie lovers, movie connoisseurs, movie buffs, movie buffs, movie goers and cineastes.
Wall art with icons of literature, tribute to lyricists, to poets and poets and journalists, writers and writers.
In memory of important figures of contemporary history, adventurers, anarchists, architects, mountaineers, thinkers, poets, explorers, inventors, feminists, researchers, freedom fighters, graphic artists; journalists, kings, queens, artists, painters, mathematicians, human rights activists, scientists, neurologists, physicists, pilots, pirates, politicians, revolutionaries, writers, spies and scientists. The icons of pop culture as abstract fine art prints. These fine art prints create ambiance. Arrange an ensemble of different portraits. A special attention to the opening of new studio or business premises.

....Remembering The Past And Looking Forward To The Future ....

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[w*] Biography | Abstract: Wikipedia.org

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